"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."
Albert Einstein

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Heather Katz runs an international executive coaching and facilitation business. She works with executives and organisations to unearth their sense of purpose and vision to enable them to achieve excellence. She brings a unique blend of thirteen years executive coaching and leadership development experience in the UK and internationally; nineteen years marketing, sales and product management experience with IBM South Africa; ten years training and practice as a family systems therapist in Washington DC and New York.

Heather, as an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford Sad Business School from 2005-2013, and member of the SBS Coaching team, works as a tutor and executive coach in Executive Education on Advanced Management and Leadership programmes. In 2008-2009, as part of a team, she delivered leadership development programmes in Abu Dhabi to senior civil service members. She is also an Associate with LeaderShape.

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Heather Katz Executive Coach and Facilitator

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Heather Katz Executive Coach and Facilitator